Scott Mcquain


Global Warming                                                                  


Today I want to go on a quest,

to a future that may lose you rest,

We will make jumps in time

all the while as I rhyme,

’bout the fate of our future-less nest.-symbol nest=home A nest is a symbol for a safe place, a place of nurturing and love, and somewhere you can grow as a person a learn about yourself. I chose to represent earth as the nest, to try to embody all of our deep connections with the planet. None of us could survive without earth. 


It appears that the planet is warming,

All the arctical ice is transforming,-arctical- poetic liciense

As the world gets hotter,

Its melting to water,

not enough into ice has been forming.


Scientists are not taking this seriously

ignoring ice that vanished mysteriously

they are building their tomb,     ) 

and then sealing their doom,     ) analogy- Their actions are  

By making their measurements deliriously. metaphorically ensuring human’s eventual extinction. Also this is foreshadowing the fourth verse of the poem.


The futures prognosis ain’t bright,

Our day will soon turn into night,-symbolism- our day (symbolizing the

Tidewaters will flood, initial benefits of global warming, prolonged

and mix with our blood, growing season, milder weather) our night

happiness will turn into fright, (the imminent  negative effects, floods, drought, hurricanes, and starvation) “mix with our blood” – idiom ( the water will not literally mix with our blood but it will cause tremendous damage and casualties within various nations)






Humanity’s end; it draws nigh

From the gunk we’ve put in the sky

The earth is a war zone

We reap what we have sewn-idiom- We have not actually “sewn”

Extinction, it’s over. Goodbye anything. It is an idiom meaning that 

we have brought about our own downfall.


As humans we can change our fate,

At present it isn’t too late,

We can alter our ways,

and on one of these days,

our planet could once more be great.



























Scott Mcquain


Poem Analysis 

Global warming is a 6 verse limerick that explains the consequences of global warming. As the poem advances, it moves through a time line that quickly ascends into the worst possible outcome of the problem depicted. Verse one establishes the poem and prepares the audience for the darkening mood of the poem. It establishes the fact that each verse moves forward in time and that the future is being depicted for them. On line 5, the word nest is used for symbolism. It represents a safe place of nurturing and maturation. It is directly representing all humans home, Earth. Nest is used specifically to show deep connections with the Earth.


     Verse 2 takes place in the near future in the first step of global warming. Arctical is used to contrat the dark message of the poem and the comic elements of a limerick. It is poetic license. This verse depicts a time where the ice in the poles of the earth are melting at an alarming rate. The earth has gotten too hot to have water freeze in the poles, this is when everything is about to go down hill. This is still during happy times, the serious consequences of global warming have not started yet.


     Verse 3 is the last verse of happy times. It is a few years after the majority of the ice in the South Pole and on the Greenland ice sheet has melted. The scientists of this time are doing the same thing they are doing today, ignoring what they don’t want to see. Whenever they take their measurements from this future they are purposely interpreting

McQuain 2

the best thing that the data could possibly mean. The analogy of “building their tomb, then sealing their doom” is firstly, an analogy for bringing about their own destruction, as well as foreshadowing verse 5’s extinction.


     Verse 4 is where this poem takes a turn and becomes a little darker. This verse talks about a time one or two years after Verse 3. Scientists have realized that their studies are flawed and that it is too late to change what has begun. This is the point of no return within this poem and the entire verse foreshadows an even bleaker future. “Our day will soon turn into night”. This is symbolism. Our day, being blissful ignorance of what is happening to the planet, will soon turn into hopelessness and the experience of the dire consequences of what was done to Earth. The phrase “mix with our blood”, is an idiom. It does not literally mean that blood will mix with water, it is hinting at how much devastation and loss of life that the rising water level will cause. The entire verse is designed to instill a sense of hopelessness that will prepare the audience for the final result of global warming.


     Verse 5 is the darkest point in the poem. It depicts the ending of human life. It is designed to make the audience truly think about the issue of global warming. It brings into play the many wars that have broken out over farmland and fresh water. “We reap what we have sewn” is another idiom. It is once again reinforcing the fact that humans brought their own extinction upon themselves. They were destroyed by their advancements releasing harmful chemicals into the atmosphere. This is unique in its

McQuain 3

depressing nature as limericks are usually cheerful and light-hearted. This verse tells of the extinction of man kind.


     Verse 6 shifts the mood once again. It is designed to contrast from the increasing darkness throughout the poem. Verses 1-5 give the problem and consequences of the problem, and then verse 6 offers a solution. It restores hope to the audience and starts them thinking of what they can do to prevent the rest of the poem from coming to pass. This verse was implemented to inspire the audience and leave them with a positive impression rather than ending on the unhappy note of verse 5. The entire poem is a work made to intrigue, concern, and inspire its audience. It is definitely not the average limerick.




Careers Report


Scott McQuain


Section One 

Small Business Owner 

 Being a business owner requires a lot of commitment. It is a full time job that requires total dedication. Although a business owner does not have the stress of their superiors constantly staring down their backs, all of the business’ failures fall directly upon them. It is also risky to be your own boss as the income is always uncertain. Small businesses make on average between $34,392 and $105,757 annually. This is quite a large difference however, technically businesses have the potential to make $0 or negative money in a year.(smallbusiness.chron.com)  To be a business owner, 3 very important characteristics to help one succeed are, responsibility, organization, and initiative. These three things entail much of what a business owner must do to maintain, create, and grow their business into what they have always dreamed of.

          Responsibility is the ability to take care of people, places, and things. This is extremely important in order to maintain and operate a business. Business owners use their responsibility to take care of their employees, their facility, and their product. To be a good boss, one must establish mutual respect between oneself and the employee. It is a delicate balance of maintaining control, and insuring that the employee feels comfortable in the workplace. Leadership experience such as teaching, organizing events, or being the lead on a project would be good opportunities for an aspiring business owner to practice this skill. In addition to this, a business course in management would be an invaluable resource. Obviously, a business owner must take care of their establishment. The environment in which your business operates must be visually appealing in order to attract customers, as well as clean enough to meet all health and safety requirements in their field. Experiences that would lay the ground work for this include interior designing, professional and casual cleaning, and also a background course in marketing would be especially useful to arrange the establishment in a way that can draw people into buying one’s product. Lastly, business owners must know how to take care of, and present their product. In order to make a profit, business owners have to have a product and convince the public that it is worth their money. To do this requires marketing, and advertisement. A college course in business would be strongly recommended. In addition to that, a psychology course could also help to understand how a customer’s attention is caught and held. A responsible business owner, makes a successful business.  

In addition to being responsible, a business owner must be organized. The logistics for running your own business are nightmarish. Even when proper records are kept, what they say can be discouraging, especially when first starting out. It is important not to lose hope: “some statistics show that small businesses will not show a significant profit within the first 2 years” (www.princetonreview.com/careersreport.aspx?cid=208). This in mind, ignoring the numbers is also not

McQuain 2

an option. Organized records are essential to maintaining a business. If a business’ systems are not properly organized, tasks pile up, paperwork gets lost and valuable time is spent on finding information that should be readily available. (smallbusiness.chron.com) This wastes time, increases stress, and could lead to the closing of one’s business. Time is a valuable thing for a business owner. It determines the amount of work, and indirectly profit, that can be put in and taken out of a business. Time is money, the more time one has, the more money one can make.There are many simple ways that one can save time and increase productivity. “Using neatly organized folders to keep track of important bills or emails, for example, can save time. Good organizational skills can free up much-needed minutes every day” (smallbusiness.chron.com). Useful past experiences to save time include, scheduling, management positions, and even just habitual day planning. Stress is one of the worst side affects of running your own business. Every move one makes directly affects the fate of their business. Stress can come from sorting though unorganized paper work and dealing with the consequences of general disorganization (smallbusiness.chron.com). Practices that can help reduce stress include meditation, working in emergency situations and patience. Finally, organization can keep a business open, and a business owner out of jail. If important invoices or emails go unnoticed and unread, serious warnings about debts, taxes, or lawsuits can be missed. If this is the case, a hefty fine or even jail time can result. Classes recommended to business owners to avoid these consequences include accounting, law, and general business courses. Organization is important from the beginning  of a business. A good foundation of organization leads to an efficient business.

The most important quality for a business owner to posses is initiative. Initiative is the father of innovation, creativity, and success. Innovation and initiative go hand in hand. The best way to gain customers is to improve the way things are done (http://www.businessmanagementdaily.com). There are thousands of business owners in this country and a business owner must prove that they are better than the rest in order to get customers. If a business is the same as all the rest, people do not have a reason to seek it out. However, if a business owner innovates to improve what already exists, then they are legitimately better than the rest of the crowd. Various skills that could help with this are; design, architecture and advertisement. Another way to help separate a business from the rest of the world is using creativity in the approach to business. Thinking outside the corporate perspective can be very beneficial to a business owner. One good way to make creative ideas is to put oneself into the position of a customer. What does a customer want to see when they enter a business? How can advertisement be original and stand out? What is it that businesses do that is not necessary, just customary? How can a business change it’s overall image? (www.creativebusiness.com). These are all questions that can begin to expand one’s view of the market and to help realize the various methods to attract attention to one’s business. Career studies that could benefit this process are; author/screen writer, marketing and director. Finally, innovation will almost always lead to success.  

McQuain 3                                                                                                                                     If a business is to become successful, they must take their product, and make it, or convince people

that it is, the best of its kind. Nobody wants to drink the 15th best cup of tea in the world, or get the 47th fastest delivery available on the market today. They want the best, and businesses must deliver. Success is a difficult quality to define and it is not just initiative that makes it possible, it is a combination of everything. Initiative however, is a necessity if a business owner wants to be successful.  

In conclusion, being a business owner is a job that is a constant commitment. It is difficult for anyone and everyone. No matter how responsible, organized or how much initiative one has, it is still not simple. It does however, help. The key to a successful business is not one quality or regulation. It is about the character and dedication of the individual business owner. Every positive ability and past experience one has will ultimately contribute to the success of the business and how it is seen by the public. The is one more aspect that is absolutely essential to a successful business. It is not responsibility, or organization, not even initiative.  The truly defining feature of a successful business owner is passion. Without passion, a business is just a place where customers come to get product and behind the desk is just a tangled bureaucracy of profit and records. With passion, it becomes more. It becomes a community where the public can come and enjoy an experience with a person who legitimately cares about them and what they’re experiencing. Filing cabinets become more than just a place for papers, they become a history of a the owner’s life’s work and provide proof that dreams can really be achieved. A business needs an individual who is responsible, organized and has bundles of initiative but is most of all, passionate.
















McQuain 4

Section Two

Why Am I The Right Candidate to Own A Business (A Tea Shop)    


I have a passion; tea. From a very young age I have had an obsession with tea: the way it smells; the way it tastes and the pursuit of making the perfect pot of tea. With the combination of my personality, my skills and my passion, I am the perfect candidate to own a tea shop.

I believe that I have many of the traits and skills needed to establish a successful business. I demonstrate responsibility on a daily basis, I am well organized and I am always eager to show my initiative.

I demonstrated responsibility when I was involved with helping maintain a kennel facility. I have done everything from taking care of an injured dog to rebuilding and improving the establishment. This shows that I can both take care of a facility and handle emergency situations.

I have also had organizational experience. For 4 years I have worked teaching children martial arts. In addition to the fact that the martial arts are organized in their nature, for the last year, I have been writing my own curriculum for the classes. This can be applied in deligation to employees as well as creating an agenda of priorities for my business.

Lastly I have shown initiative throughout my school carreer. Most recently when I took a leadership role in a highschool charity event, I did very well and delt with frequent problems as they arised. This can be applied to hosting and organising promotional events for my business. I have been preparing to own a tea shop for my entire life, I am absolutley ready to be a responsible, organised business owner with lots of initiative, but more importantly, I am prepared to be a passionate tea sales man.














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( http://www.businessmanagementdaily.com)



































small business owners with less than one year of experience in running an organization earn an annual salary ranging from $34,392 to $75,076. Those with more than 10 years experience, on the other hand, earn upwards of $105,757 per year. (smallbusiness.chron.com)


Tea Shop Owner



– back round in business 

– tea making graduate degree 


-many business courses


– Work in a tea shop

-work as a bartender

-work handling money

-work as a chef                           

-previously owned a business

Political Manefesto


Scott McQuain


A Complete Canada 

     Canada is a nation that prides itself in multiculturalism, peace keeping and just general courtesy. If put in power, I would embrace this pride and spread our Canadian courtesy throughout the developed and developing worlds. Our reputation as global peace keepers is slowly slipping away. In order to preserve our nationality, we need to restore and complete our reputation. Only once we develop ties in all countries and reach peace within our own country will we have a complete Canada.


     As a Canadian, I have always been proud of our courteous reputation. It is, as I see it, the attribute that makes us truly Canadian. Everywhere in the world we go, we are looked upon as the nice North Americans, in this way we have always been better then the U.S of A. We are considered to be among the nicest people in the world I do not want that reputation to just fade away. It should be reinforced and nurtured. In order to maintain our status in the world we must continue to keep the peace outside of our country, but also within.


     Canada is even within itself, incomplete. There are still those in Quebec who seek to be a separate country. Quebec has also still not signed the constitution. If we wish to gain a peace keeping reputation around the world, we first must find peace within our country. My first act of government would be to re-re-introduce an altered constitution to our country that Quebec and every other province would find agreeable. For example, I will provide a unique society clause which will declare any province within Canada that can provide reasons for being different from the rest of the country, a unique society. With this I hope to satisfy Quebec’s desire to be different, without showing any special treatment and creating jealousy like that seen with the Meech Lake Accord. To reach peace within our country I will encourage even more immigration to increase our cultural diversity. I will seek to abolish discrimination within the workplace by passing laws to ensure that discrimination would be punished by the same sentence as assault. If elected I will add to the cultural mosaic that is Canada. To keep the peace on a global scale I would transfer much of our 22.5 million dollar military money into our peace keeping budget. Our strong alliance with the U.S.A and Britain would keep us safe from enemy attack as well as ensuring order within our borders. These steps will reassert Canada’s globally recognized position as one of the nicest and most peaceful countries in the world.


     In truth all of my goals fall under one category, change without change. This is in itself, a difficult concept to grasp. What I mean by change without change is that all my goals can be achieved without changing laws and regulations that effect the people directly. Every change I wish to make is to increase

McQuain 2

national efficiency, and pride. Taxes will be kept at the low rate that they are currently at and laws that effect the people will always be voted upon in a referendum before being changed. To make a country successful, you must do what is best for the people, without sacrificing what you stand to protect, “Judge success but what you have had to sacrifice to achieve it.” ( Instructions for Life, Dalai Llama). As previously mentioned, referendums will be much more prevalent than they have been in the past few years. This is for two reasons. One, people want to know that their voice is being heard in the things that count, and two, nation is the most proud of the things they have decided. If a politician makes all of the decisions, how can a whole nation be proud of them. I intend to let everyone who wants a voice speak, “Speak your truth quietly and clearly; and listen to others, they too have their story (Desiderata, Ehrmann) I will let the govenrments stance be known on an issue and then seek the public opinion and see if it correlates. I will give voice to every citizen and let this nation grow as a source of pride for every Canadian.


















     My fellow Canadians, my name is Scott McQuain and if elected I will make my dreams a reality, I will finally deliver to the people, a complete Canada. today I stand before you asking you to vote for my party for your government. You may be asking yourself why? Why should I vote for the Democratic Peace party? To answer this I want you to ask yourself a question. What makes you proud as a to be a Canadian? What has our country done in the past that you really feel good about? For me, the answer to this, is all the good we have done with our peace keeping missions. However, at present, our unique Canadian Reputation is tarnished, and we are slowly fading into the backdrop of the world. We need a change. Currently your leaders have not achieved complete` peace within their own country. I intend to bring Canada back into the spotlight, to have this country, the best country, radiate it’s peaceful nature upon the world. My main two goals will be to ensure long lasting peace in Canada, and once that is achieved to re-introduce peace keeping missions into the priorities of the Canadian government. These changes will not directly effect the citizens of Canada to begin with, but once our pride is restored we will be the patriotic nation I have always believed we can be. With little to no sacrifice, our country can finally be great. In the Dalai Llama’s manefesto it says: “Judge success by what you had to sacrifice to achieve it” (Instructions For Life, Dalai Llama). By this logic, and my leadership, Canada can be successful. Canada can finally become, complete.


     One of the main issues I want to address is the fact that 1 provine stands alone in the fact that they have not signed the constitution. If we want Canada to grow as a nation we must do it together and stand united. Once in power I will call a meeting of every Canadian Premier in order to agree upon the terms of a revised constitution that has the best interests of every province considered. I hope to be able to move past the tension that in recent years has been prevalent within our country.

If we hope become the best nation we can be, we must do it as equals, no one Canadian can be better than another. Only then can we live in a complete Canada.


     I have prepared a short video to show you the side of myself that I can not portray in a speech. 

       In conclusion, Canada does not need stuffy politician, they don’t need some dictator or a communist, what Canada needs, right now, is a leader. Someone to steer this country back into the spot light of the world. To complete Canada, we need a new approach. We need change without change. This means increasing national pride and improving national efficiency without losing who we are as a nation. To do this I intend to implement more referendums than have been used in the past few years. By giving you a more active role in our government I hope to grow together with you harmoniously as a nation. Before I leave you here today i would like to give you two examplae referendum questions just to see how this would work. I am going to ask you two questions that i believe can be a source of national pride. By show of hands, how many of you would like to bring back the penny into Canadian currency? All opposed? And for my second question, How many of you think that Hockey should take La crosse’s place as Canada’s national sport?  We now come to the end of my speech and my final promise. Believe me when I say that I am a man of my word, and if elected, I will bring about all of this change without change, and I will work closely with you, the people to finally complete Canada.

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A Discovery of Witches, Film Casting

Severely Revised Version

Angelina Jolie as Ysabeau De Clairmont
I believe that Angelina Jolie would be a good actor to play the character of Ysabeau De Clairmont in a film version of A Discovery of Witches. Ysabeau is described as having “Silvers of startling, cold emerald surrounded dark pupils, and the high slashes of her cheek bones kept her perfect features and dazzling white skin from sliding into mere prettiness”(A Discovery of Witches, Harkness). This description is the embodiment of Angelina Jolie. Also, Angelina Jolie has been in a variety of different roles from nearly every type of movie. She has been in action movie’s such as Mr. and Mrs Smith as Romances such as The Tourist. I think she has the skills and experience to play in this movie. Angelina could pull off Ysabeau’s dark side as well as he motherly side. These are the reasons why I believe Angelina Jolie to be the perfect choice to play Ysabeau De Clairmont in a movie version of A Discovery Of Witches.

Angelina Jolie
Evanna Lynch as Diana Bishop
Evanna Lynch would definitely be a good choice of actor to play Diana Bishop in a movie production of “A Discovery of Witches”. Evanna matches Diana’s description of “straw blond hair” and she looks alot like who I was envisioning personally, when I though of Diana. Evanna also has experience with magic within a movie as her most famous role was Luna Lovegood in “Harry Potter”. In this role she played an eccentric witch with hidden smarts, I believe this more than qualifies her for this part. She is an excellent actress capable of displaying complete and total apathy, to great empathy. In Harry Potter she says “wit beyond measure is man’s greatest treasure” (Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows, Rowling). This shows that she has already played a character that is centered around knowledge. Seeing as Diana Bishop is a historian, this would be a rather good qualification. I believe Evanna Lynch would bu up to the task of portraying through acting all of the thoughts in the book that must go unsaid in the movie. Evanna Lynch would make a fantastic leading role in a film adaptation of A Discovery Of Witches.
Evanna Lynch
Johnny Depp as Matthew De Clairmont
Johnny Depp would play the part of Matthew De Clairmont perfectly. Matthew is described in the book as, having “Broad shoulders narrowed into slender hips, which flowed into lean, muscular legs” (A Discovery of Witches, Harkness). This, along with the description of Mathews face, ” all distinct planes and surfaces, with high angled cheekbones meeting brows that shielded and shadowed his eyes”(A Discovery of Witches, Harkness), match Johnny Depp’s description perfectly. The actor who plays Matthew has to be able to portray his loving and romantic sides, but also embody his secretive past and intense rage. Johnny Depp is a very experienced actor who, I believe could pull off a complex character such as Matthew. As well as having already played a vampire in the movie “Dark Shadows”. Johnny has been involved in Romances like “The Tourist”, but also in horror/thrillers such as Sweeny Todd. He perfectly portrayed the characters in both these works and i have no doubt in my mind that he could pull off Matthew De Clairmont flawlessly. I think Johnny Depp would be, by far, the best actor to play the part of Matthew in a movie production of “A Discovery of Witches”.
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FFP Book Club: A Discovery of Witches

1. The Protagonist in the book is Diana Bishop. The Antagonist is Peter Knox and the rest of the creatures following Diana.

2. The central conflicts in the book are that a) Diana found a secret bewitched book that contains the secrets of immortality and now creatures are following her. and b) Vampires, witches, and daemons are going extinct.

3. One event that surprised me was when Matthew Clairmont, the vampire, announced his findings about all the races of creatures beginning to die out.

4. I predict that Diana will find out that she could only find Ashmole 782 because it was the anniversary of the day the spell was put on the book.

5. Yes. I am enjoying this book. It takes place within a a world filled with magic and supernatural beings. It is a book that I would read even if it wasn’t an English assignment. It has everything a good book needs. Action, romance, suspense and just enough comedy to make me smile every so often. I look forward to reading the rest of this book and then to read the rest of the trilogy.

A Discovery of Witches

A discovery of witches, from what i know about it, sounds like a fun and exciting read. With the subject of Nickolas Phlamel and the elixir of life, it can’t be boring. I assume that it will be about the quest for eternal life and the task of keeping those secrets away from those who would abuse it. The author of the book, Deborah Harkness, has an extensive knowledge on the history of magic, alchemy, and the fantastic. This will give the book a level of depth that cannot be achieved by just the creations of the mind, it will give the magic and creatures within the text a kind of realism even though they don’t really exsist. I look forward to reading, and enjoying the magical world of Deborah Harkness.

Midway Island

Midway island is a breeding ground for albatross. It is also the point of the ocean in which much of the pollution from several continents  end up. The beaches are covered in plastic, and there is floating debris completely surrounding the island. The albatross see the different colors of plastic and not knowing any better, they eat it. This is when the tragedy begins. The birds eat so much plastic that there stomachs are full, but they starve to death from lack of nutrition. When I saw the effects of this pollution, I was horrified. This atrocity on nature has to be stopped. Although through the documentary video I saw that the horrors are well publicized, it does not look like anyone is doing anything about it. The reasons why this island was a plastic dump was not well explained, but one can infer that the improper disposal of garbage has something to do with it. If this is the case, there is an easy way that you and your community can help to prevent this. Clean up your garbage and don’t litter. If every community comes together and holds even one mass litter cleanup, we can prevent further damage to the environment and stops plastics from ending up in our oceans. I chose this video because it seemed like the most important of the three video’s we watched. The other two were about gay and women’s rights. Although these are important, they involve humans affecting humans, when this one involves humans direct effect on the animal life and our oceans. These are life and death situations. If we don’t clean up our act, entire continents could end up like midway island.


Yesterday I attended a Tedx conference specifically designed by, and for youth. The event was packed full of audience, and there was a full line up of speakers and performances. Some of the acts included A nine year old ocean warrior, a slam poet from London, two professional singers, an artist, and many many more. The event was very well organised and went on at the same time as the main Tedx Waterloo event. The event was live streamed over the internet, and parts were shown at the other TedX event. The most talented person there, in my opinion, was the artist who, for each of the acts, would paint a picture featuring some of the main points from the speech or performance. Though she was not a speaker before we left, I was very impressed by the quality of her work. The event was themed as chasing home and this was well conveyed. Each act strongly related their performance to Chasing Home and there was no repeated points. The acts were varied and kept things exciting. Near the time when our school had to leave, Renjie, one of the co-hosts, gave a shout out to our coffee house salon and featured a summary video of the acts which was cool. One of my favourite things about the event in general is that it actively engaged the audience. For example: at the beginning of the event, the co-hosts, ran a kind of talent show where any one in the audience could come up and perform in front of the audience. All in all, It was an excellent turn out, to an excellent community run event.

House of the Coffee

The Southwood Coffee house last night was a great success (mostly). Being the coordinator I got to see the entire event come together (despite a few errors) relatively smoothly. I worked alongside the two other coordinators and together we managed to keep everyone on task and moving towards the night of the coffee house. We would give them things to do, and they would do them. Many of our ideas (such as the candy count) worked well and managed to raise a decently large amount of money. During the event we were the ones who attempted to fix the small problems we did have (technical difficulties) and provided organization to the event. The skills used in creating this coffee house have a number of future possible applications. The most obvious would be an event planner. Considering the exact purpose of an event planner is to plan events, the planning of this coffee house event would be considered good practice for someone interested  in a career in that field. Another, perhaps more practical application, would be running a business. We learned to be in charge of other people and how to delegate tasks towards them based on their specific jobs. One last application we could have for the skills we gained, could possibly be a film director. We learned to be able to have a vision, and project it using the other people involved in the project. One thing that we, as coordinators could have done a better job on our organization leading up to the event. We found ourselves dealing with a lot small things that had been overlooked and not anticipated during the actual event. For example, if we had tested the coffee machine before the event we may have saved the time, effort and money needed to buy the coffee from Timmie’s on short notice. The most important thing I think we learned about planning an event is that preparation is not always enough, sometimes running a simple trial run can prevent disaster during the actual event. Practice makes perfect.

Book Club Top 2 Choices

My top 2 book club choices are, number 1, “A Discovery of Witches” and number 2, “Hominids”. These two books were the only two that I thought would have any entertainment value to them. A lot of the other books seem like they would be much  too serious and in some cases too dark. The first book I crossed off was “Thirteen Reasons Why”. This book sounded firstly, depressing, and if the intro makes it look sad, it can only get worse from there. And secondly, boring. This book looks like it is basically a reflection of a single event made into a novel.